Bringing the kit to the people

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Spore Market – Bringing the kit to the people

With the fear that people took this as a functional project (and many people not understanding the irony of it all), I decided to test the kit with the community I had contact with (special thanks to Raphaël Klijn). We had a short meeting the 13th of June, where some neighbors united in the community center (Buurthuis) of Hoograven and, after listening some context I gave around the project, where happy to start a conversation around their skills and made some signs to communicate them. Here a video of that night (thanks to the camera-man and advisor, Ben Landau)…

Video tutorial

Video tutorial of the kit in use.

‘Making-Of’ the video tutorial

Podcast # 2 – Raphael Klijns’ Network

Raphael Klijn's informal service network…

Podcast # 1 – Asterix & The mansion of the gods

Free market arrives to the village…

tent cities

A couple of days ago, I found out about the existence of ‘tent cities‘, and was shocked in both negative and positive ways. Negative because I couldn’t believe that the situation in the US had gotten to that point of desperation (the stories of the people who live in this places are shocking!), but positive because I find incredibly interesting the what they ‘built’ a new city in such a resourceful way and in a ‘short’ lapse of time. This presents to us as a very interesting reference, because the US appeared to be a wealth country (as the Netherlands), but responds in in this way when confronted to critical situations.


Tent cities in the US.


You are the platform.

What if you were jobless and had to go out to the street to offer your skills or services with a sign?

I am doing a little experiment with the people at the master space, in which I ask them to write in a board what they would write if they were forced to go to the street and offer their skills or services. I am working in the transformation of a house into a store, but in this case the street becomes the context and the body the platform; here are the pictures.

Proyect brief

The what, who, where and how of the project.

Call for participants

This is a brief presentation to call for participants for the project. Still looking for locals that would like to ‘open the doors’ of their house, turning it into a temporal commercial space. In this case, the transaction could not be monetized, but managed more as an exchange and/or donation.

Sporen markt

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